Blast Dynamics, Inc. | Introduction


Blast Dynamics, Inc. is an international blast engineering and consulting firm that focuses on improving productivity through the efficient use of explosive energy.  We are dedicated to assisting our clients with lowering overall costs by optimizing their drilling and blasting operations.

For over 25 years we have provided a wide range of services for the users of explosives that include:

  • drill and blast feasibility studies
  • blast design optimization
  • comprehensive drilling and blasting audits
  • blast performance quantification
  • fragmentation improvement
  • blast safety audits
  • wall control blast design
  • vibration control
  • overall cost optimization

Blast Dynamics, Inc. has conducted training seminars at locations throughout the world. Over 4800 participants have been trained to help their respective sites become more productive with the use of proper drilling and blasting techniques.

We also have developed specialized software for blast design, slope protection and performance analysis.

From initial blast planning to quantifying blast performance, Blast Dynamics, Inc. provides the training and tools needed to maximize profit through the efficient use of explosive energy.


John Floyd

Mr. John Floyd