Blast Dynamics, Inc. | Feasibility Studies

Drilling and Blasting Feasibility Studies

Blast Dynamics, Inc. conducts detailed drilling and blasting feasibility studies for operations around the world.  The studies typically have three phases that include but are not limited to:

Phase I - Site Investigation

a) Review client specified rock domains, and analyze representative exploration core from each domain and investigate any exposed rock masses

Phase II - Review Project Data

a) Review available rock characterization data (compressive strength, block size, density, fracture frequency, RQD, Young‘s Modulas, Poisson’s Ratio, etc.) for each domain

b) Review mine plan information (production schedule, fragmentation targets)

Phase III 3- Data analysis, fragmentation model development and report preparation                                         
a) Develop fragmentation model to evaluate blast design variables and define preferred approach to cost effectively meet fragmentation targets

b) Develop blast designs based on the analyses above, a simplified rock domain system and achievement of target fragmentation and control of ore dilution/loss

c) Analyze and develop drilling and blasting final wall designs for the main rock domains to achieve the proposed design IRAs