Blast Dynamics, Inc. | Site Audits

Comprehensive Review of Drilling and Blasting Practices

Over the past 25 years, Blast Dynamics has developed a detailed audit of the drilling and blasting process.  This audit comprehensively evaluates each step of the process including:

Bench Specific Evaluation

Blast Design Development

Blast Master Plan

Bench Preparation

Pattern Layout

Blasthole Drilling

Explosive Storage and Transportation

Explosive Quality Control

Pre-Load Check

Blasthole Loading

Timing Configuration

Blast Guarding, Firing and Clearing

Blast Performance Qualification

Blast Performance Quantification

Blast Performance Analysis and Design Refinement

Wall Control Blasting

Ore Loss/Dilution Control

A thorough report is generated that provides a comparison between industry accepted “best practices” and the existing practices documented on site. Specific recommendations for improving blast design, implementation and refinement are included in the report.