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Wall Control

One of the key factors that controls the overall profitability of surface operations is the angle and stability of the final wall.  If the overall angle of final walls can be maximized, the amount of material excavated will be reduced.  However, as the slope angle becomes steeper the wall‘s factor of safety decreases.  As a result, the development and implementation of efficient wall control blast designs becomes critical to achieving safe, stable walls. 

Efficient wall control blast design can be defined as achieving a safe and stable slope for the lowest cost possible.  Basically, the time and effort spent in developing and implementing efficient designs is insurance against future wall failures. 

Another goal of wall control blasting is to make the transition from a well-fragmented rock mass to an undamaged slope in as short a distance as possible.  This can be quite challenging due to the many factors that influence wall damage.  To develop efficient designs one must have a basic understanding of wall failure mechanisms as well as the limitations of the various wall control procedures and pit configurations. 

For the past 25 years, Blast Dynamics, Inc. has been involved with developing site
specific, successful wall control designs for projects in Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and South America. 

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