Blast Dynamics, Inc. | Software

Software for blast design and performance analysis

Blast Dynamics, Inc. has developed a wide range of easy-to-use yet powerful software applications to assist with blast planning and evaluation including:

ProBlast - Consisting of 8 individual blast design and analysis programs that are dynamically linked into one interactive group.  This easy-to-use, powerful software was developed specifically to improve blast performance and increase overall productivity. 

ProWall - Designing blasts to minimize wall or rock slope damage can be a complicated task. Often the optimum design will include a variety of burdens, spacings, hole diameters, hole angles and explosive products.  This makes the design process both difficult and time consuming.  ProWall simplifies the process of developing effective,cost efficient wall control blasts.

ProDig  - What is one of the most challenging aspects of developing efficient blast? It‘s quantifying the performance of the blast as it relates to excavator productivity.  Many variables can adversely impact excavator performance.  ProDig quantifies each step of the excavation cycle and determines what          influence blast performance has on overall productivity. 

ProVibe  - A blast vibration database. This package allows you store blast and vibration information and perform powerful evaluations to relate blast design parameters to vibration amplitude and frequency.