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Safe, Efficient Blasting Techniques Training

Blast Dynamics, Inc. has developed a unique series of up-to-date training courses for the mining and quarry industries. Our goal is to increase the participant‘s understanding of the dynamics involved in blasting and help operations maximize explosive performance while minimizing overall operational costs. High-speed motion picture photography of actual blasts is used throughout the course to graphically demonstrate the effects of proper and improper blast designs. Instead of the typical dry blasting theory, the dynamics of blasting are presented in a practical, easy-to-understand format. The importance of attitude, attention to detail and communication are stressed.

The implementation of efficient blasting techniques can produce substantial drilling, blasting, excavation and ore processing cost savings. We have conducted our training seminars at sites throughout the world and in four languages. Over 4,900 participants have been trained to help their respective sites become safer and more productive with the use of proper drilling and blasting techniques.

Our training courses are continually updated to provide attendees with the latest information and techniques. Select one of the buttons below to see additional course information or current schedule.